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What is the Excel V vascular laser system?

The Excel V is a laser system used to treat a wide variety of vascular-related issues, including conditions affecting both superficial and deep veins as well as benign pigmented lesions. The laser offers two wavelengths, enabling extremely precise adjustments for highly accurate and effective treatments and superior result

What conditions can be treated with the Excel V system?

Because it's so versatile, the Excel V system can be used to treat an array of conditions, including:

  • rosacea

  • port wine stains

  • angiomas

  • facial veins

  • leg veins

  • spider veins (telangiectasias)

  • skin tags

  • scars, including acne scars

  • brown spots, age spots and pigmented lesions

  • freckles

  • warts

Plus, it can be used to treat wrinkles and fine lines as well.

How does the Excel V system work?

The Excel V laser system uses proprietary pulse technology designed to deliver consistent energy throughout treatment, so results are more predictable compared to other systems where pulse energy may vary. Plus, the unit's special cooling tip was developed to protect skin before, during and after each successive laser pulse so patient's stay comfortable throughout treatment and the risk of overheating or overcooling skin is minimized.

What is treatment like?

First, your skin will be carefully evaluated to determine the type of issue that requires treatment. The treatment zone will be carefully cleaned and the laser energy will be delivered using a handheld device that's passed over the surface of your skin. The pulsed energy will be adjusted for your skin type, as well as the condition that's being treated for maximum benefits. The length of your session will depend on the condition that's being treated, as well as the size of the treatment area. While many patients can achieve the results they're looking for with just a single treatment, others may require more than one treatment in order to achieve optimal results and maximum benefits.

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