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Vein Specialist & Vascular Surgeon located in Brooklyn, NY & Queens, NY

Radio Frequency Vein Treatments Specialist

Dr. Rau helps women and men from Brooklyn, Queens and throughout the New York City metro area treat troublesome varicose veins with radiofrequency vein treatments aimed at shrinking affected veins and relieving painful symptoms.

Radio Frequency Vein Treatments

What causes varicose veins?

Varicose veins develop when the tiny valves inside the veins stop working properly, enabling blood to “pool” and causing vessels to bulge. In addition to their unattractive appearance, varicose veins can cause symptoms like pain, itching and burning, as well as feelings of heaviness or weakness in the affected areas. Some varicose veins may also be a sign of a more serious underlying vascular disease, such as venous insufficiency, that can cause significant medical problems.

What is radiofrequency vein treatment?

Radiofrequency vein treatment, or RF vein treatment, is a technique that uses radiofrequency energy to heat up the inside walls of varicose veins, causing controlled damage to the vessel walls that cause the vessels to close. RF treatment is minimally invasive, using small puncture-like incisions into the varicose vein so a special RF device can be inserted. Once inside the vein, RF energy is directed at the vessel walls in precise locations needed to collapse the vein and cut off the flow of blood.

Is RF treatment safe?

Absolutely; the special RF device enables extremely precise administration of heat energy to destroy the vessel tissue without causing damage to healthy tissue.

How is RF varicose vein treatment performed?

Treatment is performed in the office using a local anesthetic to prevent discomfort. A tiny incision is made in the affected vein, and the radiofrequency catheter is gently inserted into the affected area. Once in the vessel, the device releases RF energy along the affected portion before being removed. A bandage will be placed over the incision, and you'll be able to walk around. After your procedure, you'll need to wear compression stockings during healing to help the vein close properly and speed recovery. During a follow-up appointment, ultrasound may be used to ensure the vein has closed.

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